Welcome to Packets of Light


The purpose of this website is to teach, train and guide you on your soul-journey Remember though, you are responsible for what you learn and how you progress.

This website is intended to be a living book. It will be updated periodically.

Reaching your Full Divine Potential

On your path to growth, enlightenment, and developing your new you… you may find you need people to guide you or share their experiences to help you along your way.

This site is intended to share things I’ve learned along the way with the intent to reduce your frustration, struggles and pain; as well as help you and your loved ones in conquering the challenges and struggles that come your way.

Changing the world with one packet of light at a time

Format of Site

The format is setup like so:

  • Each Chapter represents a (week of study)
    • Day ~ Each day there’s one lesson to read
    • Week ~ Each week contains 2-3 activites that take 2-10 minutes to complete
  • Month ~ Each month there’s a zoom call you can join*

Slow down to 1 Chapter per 2 weeks or slower if you life is especially busy.