Source of Light & Truth

The supreme governing force of the universe. The ultimate intelligence that gives life to all things.

What is Light?

  1. Light is a means of awareness, communication, coherence and organization of energy/matter.
  2. Light is both spiritual, energetic/intuitional, emotional and physical.
  3. Light brings clarity
  4. Light is an expression of Source Energy

What is Truth?

  1. Truth is a piece of understanding of absolute reality.
    1. Is a law by which a domain of reality is governed by
    2. It’s the bounds and conditions by which it exists or operates.
  2. All Truth is the Quantum field or the life-force that makes up all things
  3. Truth is an expression of Source Energy

What is The Source of Light and Truth?

  1. This Truth and Light comes from a Higher place.
  2. God is the source of light and truth or source-energy, this energy emanate from God’s presence
    1. This light or energy proceeds from from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space
    2. This light is in all things, gives life to all things, is the law by which all things are governed

What is Source energy?

  1. The Light of Christ, the highest truth and compassion of the Universe.
  2. Ruach Hackodesh, in the Torah it is called “The Breath of Life”
  3. Prana the life force energy
  4. Chi or Qi the life force or energy found in Qigong or Tai Chi
  5. Universally diffused essence
  6. Inner light, conscience
  7. the imperishable Light
  8. When truth is recognized it will have a familiar “ring” to them
  9. Quickens your understandings
  10. This energy is* like sunlight. It, too, is everywhere present and given to everyone equally.
  11. Darkness and chaos are subject to this light or energy
  12. Socrates calls the medium by which man governs goodness

Further Clarity

  • The light or intelligence is within us, it doesn’t mean we are filled with light
  • Part of existence is learning to live in the light, be filled with light and become one with light

This Light is within the whole universe, and it’s within us. The key myth or common confusion surrounds what we are. We are NOT yet filled with light and truth completely. We are not yet complete. Thus we may continue to learn and grow spiritually, intellectually, emotional/socially, physically.

Element What it is In Otherwords
“Your Truth” What you are feeling or experiencing* This is may be a witness of truth & light*
“The Truth” What comes from a higher place, The highest and most coherent energy, truth, compassion This is the Source
Who you are You are piece of Source, or piece of God, or a child of God This is a creation of Source
Light The energy that pervades the immensity of space and all things The quantum field perhaps or The Field

Connecting to The Source

Power of Intention

I want to feel good, I want to think clearly

To start on your journey of capturing more light and filling your sacred vessel starts with wanting and intending. No one can command you to grow any more than a grade school child can demand that a plant grow faster or slower than the conditions and forces allow.

  • The power of intention is one of the great gifts that allow you to connect up with Source Energy.
  • Being mindless, unaware, in depression, sadness is not in harmony with Source Energy.
  • Feeling GOOD is feeling God, it’s feeling source-energy*

  • The power of wanting to feel good, to do good and be good… is an intention

It's an intention where we can get on the trolley of intention and join our creator on this journey of growth.
Although it may be noted, this journey is not a passive one. It's an active and passive journey. 
It's an interdependent walk with Source.
The field of intention... may be accessed through the 3 feet above you... through some invisible way...

The trolley is only destined for a destination that has your absolute best interest in mind.

It’s a conscious and intelligent mind… the matrix of all matter

Intentions and a thought

  1. a thought creates a prototype… that’s in harmony with Spirit…

  2. a spiritual prototype that connection you to intention…

  3. This sets in motion the manifestation of all your desires*

  4. All things are possible

As we turn towards the Source we:

  1. change, transform, elevate
  2. purify, sanctify
  3. are thereby prepared for greater light and truth from source

The more you hold your intention the more you activate it. The more you focus on it the more you are directing energy.

Note: this kind of focus isn’t just an intellectual analytical process. I’ll discuss this more later. The principle is to Act. The acting can start with an intention, thought and than move through further phases of thoughts, feelings, and concrete physical actions.

” If you’re looking to create a timeless sense of purpose and to shape the overall mission of your life, then you should use principles. Establishing a set of principles creates a compass to which you can refer whenever something is in doubt or you need to take a stand or evaluate any particular opportunity, behavior, or situation.”

How to set an intention?

The Spirit of setting an intention:

  1. Seek the Highest Truth and Compassion
  2. You are worth it and deserve a better life
  3. Small and simple, continual
    1. you must go after this withyour full heart
  4. Marrying a clear intention with an emotion
    1. conditioning
    2. expectation
    3. meaning
  5. When we align Spirit intention with Body Intention we begin the cycle of creation

Further Ideas:

  1. take some breaths, center yourself

    1. when you center, your intention, the present moment, you have more energy to create than when you mind wanders your past.
  2. Meditation, Prayer, The Daily Office

  3. Get Quite

    1. A reminder to be peaceful

    when you are in a holy place the sparks of their soul come out and cling to you… they become a holy fire within you. Everything conspires to work with you. You start to create allies. -Wayne Dyer

  4. Reenergize Your Surroundings

    1. Environment affects, mood, mindset and behavior
  5. Movement and Breath

    1. blood flood and oxygen have profound effects upon the body, mind, spirit and mood
  6. Visualize the intention

    1. imagine reaching up to trolley strap
    2. surrender to this Source1
    3. Say "Intention"

So why not try something new and see what you discover… it will only take a few minutes a day.

Further reading/audio-book: The Secrets of the Power of Intention

How do you receive light from The Source

“Our capacity to feel controls our behavior in many ways, and by inaction when our feelings prompt us to do good, we deaden that capacity to feel. It was Jesus’ striking sensitivity to the needs of those about him that made it possible for him to respond in action.[^2]

[^2]: Recovering from Spiritual Numbness

This light is referred in many ways:

  • still small voice - in Hebrew scriptures
    • to Hear Him (The Lord)
  • inspiration
    • The light of the The Source
  • gut sense that something is right
    • The light that is within you recognizing truth
  • the God Within = Enthusiasm
    • The light that is within you when you are living in the Spirit of Truth

To this end God is endlessly offering guidance that we may continuously walk us along the path of growth and unfolding. Our job is to learn how to make ourselves open, receptive and available for that guidance. Within us there is a still small voice that is constantly whispering to us.

As we learn to listen to and pay close attention to that voice we tune in to the broadcast of God.

How do you know when you are hearing or receiving This Light?

“I know you. I love you. I care about you. I am aware of where you are and what you are doing.”

It’s in moments when you feel an energy that’s in harmony with these words you know you are on the path of eternal light.

Personal Leadership

To truly understand yourself you need to understand The Source (God),
To truly understand The Source you need to understand yourself,
To understand means to understand the nature, character, attributes, and path of growth for oneself,
Likewise to understand the character, nature and attributes of the Source is to understand oneself.

The Challenge

If we didn’t have the mud, we wouldn’t have the Lotuses

You aren’t to intentionally gain virtue (The Light) and gong (Energy) by exchanging your prestige, money, or personal gain for it.

“As you teach, you shall learn.”

You have a choice…

The great choice of each moment is to be Intentional or to be reactive. These two grand orders rule the universe.

The challenges of life and the forces of misery will attempt to obscure this light and energy.

One can become so clouded with confusion so far as to convince themselves that this light does not even exist.

This link and connection to The Sources requires thoughtful reflection:

  • Is this link corroded, how corroded?

  • Has the source of light and truth withdrawn from you?

  • Do you feel cut off from this connection to feeling good?

When we choose connection to this light we are choosing liberty.

When we disconnect, corrode or withdrawn from this light we are choosing captivity.

Know your why… having a conscious intention

knowing your own feeling and why you are satisfied or not satisfied…

If you are unsure why are you intending, thinking, feeling and acting in a certain manner?

Ask yourself: What is your mission?

Action Time - Feeling Energy

When building the new version of you, be patient, give yourself time, and pace yourself. Gradual accrual of light over time* is greater than short bursts that aren’t sustainable.

  • Here’s a great start to feeling energy: it will only take 10 minutes.
  • Try this exercise for a week and see the difference you notice in your life and your energy

Q: What other exercises (spiritual, intellectual, emotional/social, physical) bring this life-force into your life and you feel good?

It’s funny a friend of my reported they felt silly doing this slow exercise. At the end, they noticed they felt more peaceful and calm.

  1. Surrender to the good that wants to flow through you [return]